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Because he does little things that make no sense just to make me happy. A couple years ago I saw something I TOTALLY did NOT need at Ace Hardware and commented on it. I’ve joked a couple times since then that I’d really like it, but had forgotten lately.

The past week has been understandably hard and emotional on me, and my husband came home and gave me a “happy.” He paid $5.35 for THIS (but I hugged him and am secretly not upset about the overpriced amount for something so simple lol):

Forgive the poor quality of the picture…I used my laptop camera as I’m currently lying in bed, watching TV, blogging, and eating a salad (yeah, I eat in bed…sue me lol) because I’m cramping so much it hurts to sit up in a regular chair…and I was being lazy and didn’t feel like going to drag out the huge SLR camera with its multiple lenses and all that jazz. So, you have a nice view of my pillow (because I’m not “camera-ready” today), the top of my headboard, and part of the wall on the other side of my room thanks to the mirrored headboard lol. But hey, at least I got the picture, right?

Donald Duck is my favorite Disney character…I LOVE him and always have. Considering what a Disney Freak I am, Justin thought the new house key would cheer me up…and its HUGE too so I’ll never have to fumble in the dark for the right key lol. Notice the Patriotic Mickey Ears keychain from Disney World a few years ago ;) Well, its not patriotic right now…its holographic…in the picture you can see the red and white stripes…but when you turn it, you get a blue background with white stars. Its cool looking, which is why I got it considering I’m not a Mickey fan.

So anyway…I think I’ll keep the hubby…he has his good moments


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Sunday was a bad, bad day for me.  I fell many times, blacked out many times.  Justin and the kids went to church Sunday night, then went to his mom’s to eat supper.  When they came home, Justin found me on the floor between our bathroom and our bedroom, in the doorway.  He rolled me over and I had a lovely purple lump with a crease in it on my forehead.  He said my head was up against his night stand.

Later he helped me get a shower (I have to wait for him to be here just to get a shower…sad, I know) and then I lay down on the bed.  He opened his arms and I put my head on his chest.  My hair was wet so I started to move away and he tightened his arms.  I tried to move away again and he said “Be still…maybe I just want to hold my wife.”  Awww.  I love to be held…and its so often that he doesn’t have time to just hold me, because he’s having to do all the things I should be doing.  Last night he held me for almost an hour.  I cried, I sighed, I enjoyed myself.  I love this man

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Yes, I’m shameless. I’ve seen this on Rhen’s blog Yes, They Are All Mine, for a while, and I love it. Today (I’m writing this Thursday) I realized that I just had to steal it. So Rhen, forgive me…I know Thou Shalt Not Steal but I just love this idea…so can I borrow it? :D

I’m sick. I’m really really sick. I’ve had to go to Hattiesburg twice this week…its almost an hour drive…for doctor visits for my son and for myself. Each time, I was wiped out so fast that I was shaking and pale and almost passing out by the time I got in my vehicle to come home. Wednesday I didn’t think I was going to MAKE it home.

So Thursday, I get the kids off to school and drag myself out of bed. I got my ice water and a couple pieces of toast and parked my rear end in my recliner. An hour later, I was in the bathroom, violently getting rid of the toast. Ahhh joy. I drag myself back to the recliner, and shakily called Justin. He’s in the middle of a huge conversion at NASA and was obviously harried and I could hear a lot of people talking in the background. Great. I called him during a major meeting.

Me: Just call me back when you can, please.
Him: What’s wrong? (LOT of people talking in the background, and calling his name)
Me: I’m just having a really rough morning and need some loving.
Him: (loudly) HUG HUG KISS KISS…I love you darlin’

Justin doesn’t tell me he loves me when he’s at work. He usually says “more” when I say it first. He’s almost always really really busy at work and just doesn’t think of it. He knows how sick I’ve been this week and didn’t hesitate to expose himself to teasing at work and be cute and loving. At a time when I was really struggling, in the midst of his work hassles, he realized how down I was and reached out to give me some love.

Yeah, I love him. I don’t deserve him, but I’m sure glad I have him

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