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I’m once again participating in Thursday Thirteen.

People are amazed that I don’t give up, that I keep going. Truth be known, I want to give up…quite frequently. But there are reasons why I don’t…

1. God hasn’t given up on me yet.

2-4. Jared, Katie, Rebekah

5. Justin

6. I’m too darned stubborn

7. Who would update my blog?

8. Kiki needs me and Justin would throw her out if I wasn’t here ;)

9. I haven’t seen Egypt yet.

10. I haven’t seen Australia yet.

11. I haven’t been to Ireland yet.

12. My friends don’t let me (yes, I mean all my cyber friends!)

13. I hate quitters.


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is that I’m getting to watch really old reruns of The Tonight Show…like from the early 1990s!!!  Its so cool seeing Jay Leno with BLACK hair…and the guests looking so young…and being reminded what a self-centered musician Branford Marsalis was…I thought he was SO COOL before he became Leno’s band leader…then I wondered what in the world happened…then I remembered the way he and his brother Wynton acted when they came and did concerts at USM back in the late 1980s, and I wasn’t surprised after all.

I like the Tonight Show.  I love Jay Leno.  I watch Conan because I only get a couple channels since we don’t have satellite anymore (money hog that it is) and nothing else is on.  I don’t really care for Conan’s style.  When he takes over The Tonight Show in 2009, I’m going to have to start watching *gasp* Letterman.  I don’t like Letterman.  He’s an unashamed liberal who doesn’t mind what tactics he has to use to make his more conservative guests look bad.  I think Leno is a liberal as well, but he’s a personable guy who doesn’t offend his guests or run over them or try to make them look bad.  He has disagreed with them, but in a friendly, affable way, and I like that.

I read that he may go do his own late night show on another network, possibly Fox, after he’s forced to leave the Tonight Show.  If he does, I’ll follow, definitely.  I hope NBC realizes its mistake with poor ratings.  Isn’t that petty of me?  NBC is by far my favorite network to watch…I love my NBC shows!!  I’ll defect for Leno though LOL.

Speaking of, here’s my weekly lineup :)

6:00 60 Minutes (CBS)
7:00 The Amazing Race (CBS)
8:00 ? Its football season lol

7:00 Chuck (NBC) I’m LOVING this show!
8:00 Heroes (NBC) Another favorite!
9:00 Journeyman (NBC) Yet another new favorite :)

7:00 NCIS (CBS)/The Biggest Loser (NBC)…whichever I’m in the mood for
8:00 the rest of The Biggest Loser (NBC)
9:00 Law and Order: SVU (NBC)

7:00 Deal or No Deal (NBC)
8:00 The Bionic Woman (NBC)
9:00 Life (NBC)

7:00 SURVIVOR!!! (CBS) *
8:00 CSI (CBS) *
9:00 E.R.
* During rerun seasons, I catch up on My Name is Earl, Scrubs, and The Office.  I love these shows, but I HAVE to watch Survivor since it doesn’t have reruns, and Justin hates The Office, so we always watch CSI.

7:00 Deal or No Deal (NBC)
8:00 Friday Night Lights (NBC)
9:00 Las Vegas

That’s about the extent of my TV viewing.  On the weekends, I watch whatever looks interesting on the other networks.  I love to watch PBS late at night…the other night I saw High Society, and another night, The Seven Year Itch, both for the first time ever.  They’re awesome movies!!!  NO bad language, no sex, no nudity, no truly raunchy humor, and I love movies like that.  Not too long ago I saw Brigadoon for the first time…another good one.  I also like the Nova shows and other educational shows on PBS.

So the writers’ strike has benefitted me…I’m getting to catch up on some shows I’ve been wanting to see, and I’m getting a glimpse back at the shows of years gone by that I thought I wouldn’t get to see again.  I do hope the writers’ strike ends soon…I think the profits should be more fairly distributed after all, but I’m going to enjoy the reruns while I can

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So today is a bit tongue in cheek, but I couldn’t resist. My son is thirteen, and while I’m fortunate to still get hugs freely from him, getting prolonged hugs is another matter entirely. So tonight I figured out the trick.

Appeal to their natural curiosity. While hugging him (I was sitting down, he was standing) I realized I could hear his heart beating. I pulled him closer and said “I can hear your heart beating…” and snuggled my cheek into his chest some more. After another minute I said “Cool!” and kept hugging him. He chuckled and let me hug him some more.

Sneaky? Heck yeah. And I’m not ashamed one bit!

For more great Works for Me Wednesday tips, check out Shannon’s blog at Rocks in My Dryer.

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Sunday was a bad, bad day for me.  I fell many times, blacked out many times.  Justin and the kids went to church Sunday night, then went to his mom’s to eat supper.  When they came home, Justin found me on the floor between our bathroom and our bedroom, in the doorway.  He rolled me over and I had a lovely purple lump with a crease in it on my forehead.  He said my head was up against his night stand.

Later he helped me get a shower (I have to wait for him to be here just to get a shower…sad, I know) and then I lay down on the bed.  He opened his arms and I put my head on his chest.  My hair was wet so I started to move away and he tightened his arms.  I tried to move away again and he said “Be still…maybe I just want to hold my wife.”  Awww.  I love to be held…and its so often that he doesn’t have time to just hold me, because he’s having to do all the things I should be doing.  Last night he held me for almost an hour.  I cried, I sighed, I enjoyed myself.  I love this man

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I’m once again participating in Thursday Thirteen. I know that Thanksgiving isn’t until next week, but a post on my parenting board made me realize this would be a good opportunity to express my thanks.

1. I’m thankful to have a Lord and Savior who love me despite my shortcomings.

2. I’m thankful for the three wonderful children I’ve been blessed with.

3. I’m thankful for the husband whose snoring keeps me up every night.

4. I’m also thankful for a husband who puts up with so much with me…who doesn’t mind sleeping in a chair in the hospital just to be near me and to make sure I don’t need anything or try to get up unassisted.

5. I’m thankful for a mom that drives me absolutely batty at times, but who I know would walk through fire gladly for me (and I’d do it for her)

6. I’m thankful for my big brother who always beat me up when we were growing up, but never let anyone else even think about messing with me.

7. I’m thankful for truly wonderful in-laws (and believe me, I had the bad ones the first marriage!)

8. I’m thankful for a good relationship with my ex-husband, the father of my two oldest children.

9. I’m thankful that my stepdaughter from my first marriage is having a happy and healthy pregnancy and I’ll get to be called Granny all too soon!

10. I’m SO thankful that my stepson will be home from Iraq in just a matter of days.

11. I’m thankful for the chance to see another holiday come and go

12.  I’m thankful for old movies playing on PBS late at night

13.  I’m thankful for friends that while I may never have met them in person, absolutely keep me uplifted daily

What are you thankful for today?

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So I finally decided to participate in Thursday Thirteen.


Thirteen Movies I could watch repeatedly:
1. Gone With the Wind
2. The Sound of Music
3. My Fair Lady
4. Harry Potter 1-5
5. Second Hand Lions
6. The Princess Bride
7. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
8. The King and I (Yul Brenner version)
9. The Thornbirds (ok, so technically a miniseries)
10. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
11. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
12. Camelot
13. Remember the Titans


What’s your Thirteen today?

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