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Don’t we just look soooo cute?


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We Got There…

I made a small slideshow…I put descriptions on the pictures but they’re not showing up…basically this is our room, and then looking straight out from the balcony, and then a little “Wild West” town they have set up for the kids but that you can ride horses (yes, this resort has horses) around and through.

It was a good trip…weather got bad for a couple hours but we made it through. We got here, got offered champagne at check-in (we declined) and got settled then went for a walk around the resort, where Klutzy Kandy promptly twisted her ankle, knee, and REALLY hurt the foot that she strongly suspects she broke back in early December. So now I’m hobbling around everywhere. Wonderful.

Anyway, I was headed out to the much-anticipated hot tub (one of several) and it started pouring rain and lightening *sigh*

SO since I stayed up ALL night, I’m going to call it a night. Its only 8:35 back home, but its 9:35 here and I’m beat. Stay tuned tomorrow…something funny posting just after midnight…and I’ll try to get some more pictures taken and posted tomorrow. Sorry its such a thrown-together job tonight *blush*


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Justin and I took these yesterday afternoon while walking along one side of the Strip. I wore out a lot faster than I anticipated, so there aren’t as many pictures as I would have liked. Also, I have NO makeup on due to the sunburn I got on my face on Friday…I knew I’d be putting sunscreen on repeatedly and honestly, you can’t do that while wearing makeup…not and have good results anyway lol.This one was taken across the street from the Venetian. I REALLY wanted to see Phantom…its been a huge dream of mine, but alas, I’m afraid to even go price the tickets.


In front of Bellagio, and across the street from Paris:

On the walkway crossing the street in front of Bellagio and Cesar’s:


Outside the Mirage:


Yeah, we liked the Mirage’s landscaping 🙂

This one was at Siegfried & Roy Plaza at the Mirage. I always wanted to see their show. I wondered if the crystals light up at night…when we were coming back from the Treasure Island show last night I saw that it did, but most of the lights are burned out. Now only the yellow ones around the faces light up, and one or two on each side further down. After all they did for the Mirage, you’d think they’d keep up their memorial a little better…


Name that bird!! We saw this…critter…in the environment at our hotel (the Flamingo). It looks like a weird cross between a peacock and a rooster LOL. Does anyone know what it is??

More in the environment at the Flamingo:

So that’s all the pictures we took yesterday (I left a couple out because they were just more of the same shots, only from a slightly different angle). We had a lot of fun all in all, but I’m certainly glad I don’t live here in Vegas!

We ventured out after dark last night to watch Bellagio’s water show and Treasure Island’s “pirate” show (I wasn’t impressed at all) and as soon as they were over we headed back. Honestly, I didn’t want to be on the Strip after dark…it was so packed, and people were cussing and spilling drinks and in general, acting the fool, rather like in the New Orleans French Quarter. We came back to the room and just relaxed.

We’re deliberately keeping ourselves on central time…so we pass out before 9:00 p.m. local time, and we’re up around 4:00 a.m. local time. Its really nice because the Strip really is pretty cool that early in the morning. I’m going to remember to bring my camera out in the morning and take some pictures at Cesar’s that there were too many people around to get good shots of yesterday. This morning we could have had shots in front of them with NO ONE around…so that’s nice.

My room overlooks the environment, although the buffet domes are between the palms and me…still, its a nice green view, and while I can’t see the animals themselves, its relaxing to look out my window and see all these really green palms. I can also see the mountains from here. When there isn’t a glare on my window (there is right now) I’ll take some pictures and post them.

I fully intend to drive up one of the mountains this week and take shots from up there, as well as go to the roof of my hotel and get some shots.

So that’s my Vegas update for now … Thanks for looking

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