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I really do! I was really questioning taking the CSM position before I took it, and I’ve wondered this past week if God is letting me know I made the wrong decision. Justin doesn’t think so, but I’m not so sure.

Today was just…awful. I teared up several times because I was just so MAD. I knew that I’d be working Money Center more than CSM this week. I have no problems with that. The problem I have is the same one…being pulled off learning CSM stuff in order to, for instance, SCRUB GARBAGE CANS. Two other CSM’s knew how pissed off I was just from the look on my face, so I’m NOT doing a good job controlling my facial expressions. They couldn’t believe I was told to scrub garbage cans. For the record, I never did scrub them…couldn’t find a brush and I wasn’t going to use my hands.

Then, the cousin of a girl I had a “run-in” with on Monday about a return I approved on Friday told a CSM that I was telling cashiers to straighten up or I was going to fire them. I was told to “watch what you say.” I finally had enough and said I was NOT going to watch what I say, because I never said I was going to fire anyone, even in jest. I got so mad over it I was ready to do a complaint against both cashiers (the cousins, that is). I decided to be the bigger person, and I’m just going to ignore it for now. I documented it though, and if the first one disrespects me again, I WILL write her up, and start a paper trail. I’m sick and tired of people saying I’ve said things that I haven’t said.

There is a definite campaign going on to get me in trouble. I know the ringleaders, and I know why. A lot of it is resentment because I got CSM. I believe its the same ones who spread the tale to my old manager that I was going around telling everyone I was going to be the next CSM, when I never said THAT either. That didn’t work, so now they’re trying this. Management told me to take it in stride, that people are going to continually talk. I get that, I really do…but they (management) need to HELP me in this, by taking any accusation that’s proven unfounded and coaching the accuser. If they make a few “gossip examples” maybe it wouldn’t be so incredibly rampant. I’ve never known a workplace to be so full of gossipmongers and to have such an active rumor mill.

I hate griping all the time…but ya know, I’m in so much pain the past couple days, and I’m not sleeping (without taking a xanaflex for the pain anyway) and I’m so…well I just have such a short fuse. This is NOT me. I want to just go back to Money Center, but I get a real sense of enjoyment out of the few CSM duties I’ve been allowed to perform so far. Saturday night, I KNOW I was a real asset to the company because I stayed late when we had only 1 CSM and I ran my feet off helping her out.

Days like today though…I really do get very frustrated. I pray that after my procedure, I have a better mood and temperament…please Lord, PLEASE let this procedure give me some relief! I’m so tired of being … well mean all the time…


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UGH. I’m so tired its not even funny. I’ve been training for CSM this week, and I can think of more pleasant experiences…such as having teeth pulled. I kid you not, the whole thing has been so unorganized its not even funny. It took WEEKS for them to get their acts together and get the offer out there, and then another week and a half to actually get me in the computer…SO I was borrowing other CSM’s numbers just to do my job…when I was allowed to do it.

Take yesterday for instance. I was SUPPOSED to work the book all morning. Instead, the CSM training me had me doing all the tasks that cashiers should have been doing…getting ready for inventory. At one point I was cleaning out from under bookshelves (let me tell you, it was NASTY) while 3 or 4 cashiers stood around flapping their jaws. I didn’t do ANYTHING resembling a CSM’s job. I ran cash registers all day and cleaned and scrubbed. I learned NOTHING and was very very close to walking out and telling them where they could stick their promotion.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind doing these things that need to be done…I’m humble enough to understand that we all pitch in when we’re needed. I had two problems with what happened yesterday:
1. I was supposed to be training, and learned NOTHING new, and am expected to be trained within a week…and had been training since Monday and still knew nothing much at all.
2. There were cashiers standing around goofing off when they could have been doing the busy work that I was doing, and *I* could have been learning.

I feel like I wasn’t utilized in the way I could/should have been, and it irritated me to no end. I left work in tears and so pissed off that I’m surprised I kept my mouth shut long enough to leave without quitting.

Today was much better, but everything is sore and I’m tired. I have a tension headache and just want to go to bed for a week. I had fun though, other than the expected run-ins with some of the cashiers who are disgruntled that I’m going to be “over” them now. Oh well. As time goes on, it’ll get better.

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Yeah, I KNOW I was tagged days ago, but alright already, I’ve been busy! Also, I know technically, THIS site wasn’t tagged, but in the interests of keeping both blogs in sync, I’m adding this here too 😉

So Lynnae…here are mine 🙂

Four jobs I’ve held:
1. Helicopter Mechanic in the Army (still my favorite job)
2. Restaurant manager
3. Cashier
4. Tupperware (liked it too)

Four movies I can watch over and over again:
1. Gone With the Wind
2. Phantom of the Opera
3. Secondhand Lions
4. O’ Brother Where Art Thou

Four places I have lived:
1. Petal/Hattiesburg, MS (they’re neighboring cities)
2. Watertown (area), NY
3. Ft. Bragg, NC
4. Poplarville, MS

Four TV shows I watch:
1. Any of the Law and Order shows
2. Survivor
3. Heroes
4. CSI (original one…don’t care for CSI: NY or CSI: Miami)

Four places I’ve been on vacation:
1. Fantasy Kingdom
2. Epcot
3. Disney-MGM studios
4. Animal Kingdom

Four places I’ve been on vacation:
1. Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL
2. DisneyLand, Anaheim, CA
3. Smokey Mountains
4. Little Rock, AR

Four of my favorite foods:
1. strawberries
2. sweet gherkins
3. sweet potato ANYTHING
4. snow crab legs

Four websites I visit:
1. October 2002 Playgroup
2. PvP Online
3. American Family Radio
4. Looking For Group

I have no one to tag…sad isn’t it? LOL I’ll think of someone eventually…

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So I stood in line Friday night and bought the last book, and I finished it somewhere between 9-11 hours of reading (I’m thinking it was around 9, but I say 10-11 to be on the safe side). It was no LONGER than 11, but I was stopped a LOT during that time to do stuff with the kids, work, etc LOL

Overall, I was pretty disappointed…but I think a lot of that was my own fault for letting myself get really hyped about it.

Some things I liked:
-Dobby’s death was sad for me, but the way Harry handled it made me tear up…
-Neville…I love this kid, and I’m REALLY glad he lived!
-Harry’s reaction when Ron and Hermione finally kissed…priceless
-Snape living up to my expectations (and desires) for his character’s direction
-Percy reuniting with his family, and the way Fred laid it all out for him when he came back…I was laughing SO hard at that
-Mrs. Weasley calling Belatrix a bitch and kicking her ass

Some things I’m still pissed off about:
-Hedwig’s death
-Fred’s death (I’m still highly peeved about that one)
-the epilogue (but then a friend pointed out that she writes for kids too, so I can now see the “need” for it…but it still irks me lol)
-the way the book seemed to have difficulty “flowing” as well as the previous six did
-the way Harry seems to be a bigger screw up than in any of the previous six books combined. Come on, we get that he’s only human, but PLEASE…the book acts as if he’s never learned anything at all!

I had a big summary of my thoughts written out, but I can’t find it now…sooo all in all, I think this book pretty much falls in line with every other book written to end a series…a lot of tying up loose ends, and maybe trying to please fans a little too much. I didn’t like one of the major contradictions in my mind…Snape is redeemed, BUT it never explains why in the sixth book he tried to kill Harry with the Avada Kadavra curse after he’d killed Dumbledore. Now, perhaps he intentionally missed, given what was revealed in the last book, BUT she should have addressed that when she explained all of his other actions. One, two sentences at the most is all it would have taken. Something really small, but it really irritated me.

I don’t think its possible to make all of her fans happy obviously, I just wish I was one of the ones who read the book and LOVED it. Oh well. It was worth the $18 at any rate. Jared’s reading it now, and I can’t wait for his thoughts on the whole thing. More to come 🙂

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New blog!

OK so I made a new blog on another site last week, but haven’t really had time to play around with it until today (and, my internet connection has been TERRIBLE due to all the bad weather we’ve had).

I’m not sure which format I’ll like better…blogspot or the new wordpress site, so I need feedback on both sites! If you leave a comment here, and feel like it, please leave a comment over there too, and let me know what you think…include your thoughts on the ease/difficulty leaving the comment itself!

The new site is Ramblings of a Redneck Woman. Thanks in advance!!!

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I need new feet!

OK so this is a truly gross picture, and my feet do NOT look like this (they’re not THAT old yet lol) but man, they sure do FEEL like it!

I got to work fully expecting to spend most of my time in Money Center tonight, and instead I was doing CSM duty for 7 of the 8 hours I worked (at least). Granted, I didn’t have my own keys or numbers yet, but I borrowed from other CSM’s…and considering I was left alone to run the front end for about an hour (with no warning whatsoever) I think I did fairly well.

I LOVED the fact that I got to walk so much…the time really flew by because I wasn’t standing in any one place. My back and abdomen didn’t hurt as badly either, I assumed from the constant movement keeping me from stiffening up. About an hour before I got off though, my feet started really burning, and I limped out to my van after my shift. I have two new blisters. What the heck? Its not like I’ve been sitting on my bum the past 8 months…I stand on my feet the entire day…I guess there’s just more friction walking back and forth.

I feel good about how I worked tonight…but the real test will come once I’m truly on my own. So far though, so good. I had little to no supervision or instruction out on the floor, and I feel very confident in my performance.

So…all in all…a good day (I just need new feet!)

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I got it 🙂 I do the paperwork tomorrow, and then start officially training on Monday, but in actuality will start tomorrow most likely here and there. I’m also to continue covering Money Center until my replacement is trained and in place.

Yay! Maybe things are looking up…

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