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Geaux Saints!!!

We won!!! 28-17!!! I’m sorry Lynnae…I know you were rooting for the Seahawks, but I’m ecstatic. We HAD to win this game…no team has ever gone 0-5 and made it to the post-season. 1-4 is going to be hard enough as it is!

I’m hoping this win will give our team some much-needed momentum. GEAUX SAINTS!


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Geaux Saints?

So I was all hyped up about the start of the NFL season…and truth be known I still am. I love football, although until last season, it’d been YEARS since I’d been truly interested. In fact, the last game I’d enjoyed was the last season John Elway played for Denver, and pulled out a Superbowl win against Green Bay.

Growing up, my older brother was in the band. He played tuba, first chair. Needless to say, Friday night football games were not an optional choice…we HAD to go. I played under the bleachers with my friends most of the time…only running out during touchdowns to see if we got the extra point so I’d have a chance to catch a little red and white football (we were the Petal Panthers…and our Panthers were red).

I, of course, also joined the band in 7th grade (having played the piano since age 4 and guitar since age 10, band was pretty much a given). I naturally started out on the tuba (hero syndrome). My band director, Mr. Ingram, being the wise man that he was, let me try it for a week or so before kindly suggesting I stand up with the sousaphone one day. I couldn’t. The switch to trumpet was made. I never dropped below second chair. I found my passion in 8th grade when my new band director, Ms. Jones, suggested I try the French horn. The first one I had was a single horn…an F horn. I was hooked. I progressed so rapidly she moved me into the 9th grade band (while I was in 8th grade) and switched me to the double French horn…so it was an F horn and a B-flat horn combined…more difficult, but much more flexible. I soared.

It was in high school however that something…interesting…happened. I was sitting at a football game, freezing in the stands, and was bored out of my mind because my best friend was 3 rows in front of me and we couldn’t talk. I started watching the field…and plays started getting my interest, and before you knew it, I was jumping and screaming and hollering and rooting for my team…and not just when they made touchdowns either. The game was INTERESTING. The rules made SENSE. The hard impacts were…thrilling.

I started watching weekend games with my Dad (he was a Jets fan because he worked for Amerada Hess, owned by Leon Hess, who owned the Jets…and I can’t believe I remembered the guy’s first name!). I taped a game for him one Sunday when he had to go to work…I’ll never forget it…Denver vs. the Patriots…and Denver won. I discovered John Elway and the Denver Broncos. Sammy Winder (a USM veteran). I became a rabid fan, and my room rapidly developed a blue and orange decor. I was 15.

I remained a Denver fan until Elway retired…and even afterwards I liked them, but for me the magic was gone. Elway’s next-to-last Superbowl was the best football game I’ve ever watched. It was a very close score, and until the last few moments of the game, you had no idea who was going to win! I’d gone to school with Brett Favre…well, college…I was a freshman when he was a senior, and being in band, I went to a lot of parties that the football players went to. For the record, Brett kissed, in college anyway, like a big wet fish. Of course, lots of beer was involved so that might explain it. Ick. But I digress.

I go into all this because all day Thursday I was in a frenzy of excitement over the start of the NFL season. I just KNEW that this was going to be another banner year for the Saints. I’ve NEVER been a Saints fan, and last year they snagged me. I’m hooked. I know their starters. I haven’t known the starters of any team since the late 80’s Denver lineup. My son, husband and I all enjoy watching together. This is so COOL.

The game started out promising…the Colts scored, then the Saints scored and then got a fieldgoal, making it 10-7. Going into the half it was 10-10. Then in the second half, the Saints…lost their religion? I don’t know. It was a washout. They were creamed. They just couldn’t get back on their game.

Am I upset? No. Disappointed? Yes. Hopeful? Heck yeah! Why? I’m hoping that this will give the Saints new determination…last season didn’t start out all that well for them but they came back and kicked tail to become #3 for the season. The SAINTS were #3!!! That’s…HUGE. I’m hopeful that Drew and Reggie and Deuce and of course Sean Peyton can pull it together and make this another great season.

Katrina didn’t kill us. It didn’t stop us. The Saints became a symbol for us…of how you can do all sorts of terrible things to us, but you couldn’t keep us down. I want to see them do well again this season, if for no other reason than just to give us something to look forward to.

Geaux Saints!!!

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