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thinking these insensitive things this week:

Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise is calling on liberal filmmaker Michael Moore to apologize after he said Friday that the timing of Hurricane Gustav is “proof that there is a God in heaven,” since the storm approaching the Gulf Coast could disrupt next week’s Republican National Convention.

Moore made the remarks to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann. Republicans have been monitoring the storm’s progress, considering whether to postpone their convention in St. Paul, Minn., if the storm wreaks havoc on the New Orleans area, just three years after Hurricane Katrina.

“I was just thinking, this Gustav is proof that there is a God in heaven,” Moore said. “To just have it planned at the same time, that it would actually be on its way to New Orleans for Day One of the Republican convention, up in the Twin Cities, at the top of the Mississippi River.”

Scalise released a statement Saturday blasting the documentary filmmaker for the remarks.

“I demand an immediate apology from Michael Moore to the people of south Louisiana for his offensive and inappropriate comments,” said Scalise, a Republican. “People in Louisiana, regardless of political affiliation, are making plans to leave to protect their families from this serious storm, and the God I know would not share Michael Moore’s glee for our plight.”

Residents of New Orleans and the surrounding area have started to evacuate, while the storm strengthened to a Category 4 hurricane.

Moore seemed to back off his statement on air Friday, later saying, “I mean I certainly hope nobody gets hurt. I hope everybody’s taking cover.”


Keep digging…your hole is getting deeper.


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Still Here

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple days…had a few things going on.  For one, my migraine returned full force and with a vengeance after I got so excited Tuesday.  I’m sure its a weather thing, and probably a pregnancy thing too, but its still miserable.  Right now I’m cautiously optimistic that its going away…as long as I lie here as flat as possible and don’t stand up, the intense pain seems to be at bay.  I did wake up with strands of hair in my hands this morning…I was awake most of the night clutching my hair and my head, so I probably pulled a little loose lol.  It really stinks that they don’t make a migraine medication that’s safe for pregnancy!

Anyone dying of curiosity about my “exciting news” yet?  A few of you know what’s going on, but I’m sorry to say, I’m not going to publicly post the story until I get definite confirmation…i.e. I’m a day or two from it actually happening.  Once burned, twice shy, ya know.  I believe this WILL happen, but I got so excited Tuesday and I posted on my boards about it, and well, I’ve opened myself up to more criticism about exaggeration and lying and such, so I’m just gonna keep a lid on it until it happens.  But, I’ll drop a teaser hint now and then, I promise :)

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Gustav is making a beeline for us, on the same projected track that Katrina took (three years ago tomorrow by the way).  I’m SICK of hearing about poor, ravaged New Orleans.  MS lost entire TOWNS…nothing was left but a few twisted trees and a bunch of sandblasted concrete slabs…and New Orleans got all the attention, and still gets it to this day.  What happened to New Orleans was tragic (but preventable), but people need to remember that wasn’t the only city or the only people affected.  I look out my window every day and see constant reminders of Katrina.  No one cares about us though…ugh I won’t go down that road.

Anyway, Hannah is right behind Gustav.  Lord help us if they both come up and hit us.  So send some prayers that Hannah blows harmlessly out to sea and that Gustav picks a less-populated and less-vulnerable spot to make landfall.  Our trailer tie-downs were most likely weakened pretty well by Katrina…the fact our trailer was left standing was nothing short of a miracle had you see the way the trees around our trailer went down like matchsticks…I’m not sure how much more it will withstand.  I’m sure every storm that hits it weakens it, and since we’ve had it, we’ve been through at least 5 tropical storms/hurricanes.

So anyway, that’s about all that’s going on for now. :)

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Yesterday was my anniversary.  I knew it was…I was thinking about it Saturday.  Then the low pressure came in from Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Tropical Depression Fay (little baby storm) and my migraine hit.  I was miserable Saturday night.  Truly.  I was awake when Justin and the kids left for church, but lying in bed holding my head between my hands, trying to keep my brain from oozing out of my ears and nose, and never said anything to him.  He didn’t even realize I was awake because I was dying a slow death being very. still.

I was finally able to drag myself to the recliner around 11, and when they came home from church, I heard him running up the steps and across the porch.  I’m wondering where the fire is.  He barges through the door, grabs my face in his hands (ouch as far as the still lingering migraine went) and shouted out “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!”  I smiled and covered nicely.  After all, until he’d said something, it never even occurred to me.  OOPS.  That’s a first.  I mean, I thought about it all day Saturday…figured I’d get up and cook beignets for him for breakfast, or maybe eggs benedict (his favorite) but then the migraine knocked all rational thought from my brain.  Maybe he won’t read this and realize I forgot.  Pregnancy hormones and gray hair are good excuses for forgetting your 8th wedding anniversary, right?  Especially since we’re really not an “old married couple”…after all, we’ve been together for over 8 years, yes, its true, but we still act like we’re on our honeymoon for the most part (get your minds out of the gutter).  By that I mean we just have so much fun together.

When we were in Nashville last week, we had all the doctors and nurses rolling with the way we teased each other back and forth.  It goes beyond love…when we’re not stressed out from the kids and the house and the vehicles and the cooking and the cleaning and…you get the idea…when we’re away from home, just him and me, even if its just to go to the grocery store together, we have a blast together.  We joke, we laugh, we tease, we flirt, we sneak a grab now and then (hey, we’re human lol)…but in general, we really LIKE each other.  This is saying a lot.  Its not easy living with a bipolar gal…especially an unmedicated, hormonal one.  Sure Justin has his flaws, but I know just how incredibly lucky I am to have him…he puts up with me.  He loves me.  He likes being around me (most of the time lol).  He’s a man confident in his faith in God and who he is, and doesn’t make any excuses for himself.  He loves Jared and Katie as if they were his own…he treats them as if they’re his own.  He’s a great father and provider.  Sure, money is tight, but there is money.  He holds a steady job, never has to worry about being fired because he has an awesome work ethic, and he puts his family before himself.

If he sounds grumpier than he is at times, or snaps at me after a stressful day, or gripes about the finances being tight, or gets frustrated because I’ve been home all day and forgot to prepare something for supper…well, he’s human.  But he’s one heck of a human, and he’s mine, and I love him.

So, happy late anniversary…sorry I forgot! *blush*

Also, Saturday was Carrie and Kris’ anniversary, and yesterday was also Christine and Frank’s anniversary, so send a Happy Anniversary wish their way too

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Fay is going to be dumping torrents of rain and a lot of wind right across us…and I access the internet through satellite.  So if ya’ll don’t see me post for a while, don’t be sending me nasty emails and making fussy phone calls ;)

As soon as we get sunlight again, I’ll be back, I promise :)

Its still sunny right now, but there are stacked, dark clouds on the horizon.  Justin’s wireless card won’t work with my laptop, so that’s out.

Pray Fay gets bored and moves on quickly :)

We’re not worried by the way…after Katrina, this is just a light, breezy day

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We just came out of Birmingham, AL.  I’m using Justin’s work laptop and wireless card (shhh, don’t tell NASA!) because his new card doesn’t fit my laptop’s PCMCIA slot (mumble grumble).  So, no playing World of Warcraft while traveling for me *sniffle*

Just wanted to update that we’re on the road, almost halfway there, and so far the trip has been uneventful.  Uneventful = good :)

My back is having some bad pain and spasms, but short stops and stretches help with that.  We’re in Mom’s little Chevy Aveo (tiny, subcompact)…I think I posted about that yesterday.

Anyway, my appointments will be done by 3 or so tomorrow hopefully, so I’ll be able to post what we find out.  Hopefully we actually find something out and I don’t have to go home and wait for results!

Keep us in thoughts and prayers for a safe trip…thanks!

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So I’m posting, even though there’s nothing really to post about much, because if I don’t, I expect I’ll be getting phone calls and emails again asking if I’m ok ;)

Actually I guess I do have a little to post about today.  I’m still sore from the root canal, although it went perfectly Thursday.  I guess this is residual pain from all the shots of novacaine, although the tooth itself is still a little sensitive to pressure, but not enough to prevent me from eating.  It just hurts to open my mouth to eat or talk still, which makes me think that’s from all the shots.

Justin and I are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for Vanderbilt.  Ronald McDonald House couldn’t fit us in (although they told us to call again today and tomorrow) so we had to book a hotel.  We didn’t want to, its so expensive, and if we don’t cancel by noon today, we have to pay one night’s stay as a cancellation fee, so if RMH can’t give us a definite answer before noon today, we’ll just stay in the hotel.  Thankfully gas prices have gone down, and a donation was made to our paypal account that will help us with food for one day, maybe more (thanks Tricia!).  My van is acting up, so my mom is loaning us her little Chevy Aveo, tiny little subcompact car, that cramps us both up to drive far, but it gets about 15mpg better than my van does so that’s an added advantage, and its new so we won’t have to worry about mechanical problems on the road God willing.  The problem with my van?  We paid it off two weeks ago LOL.  So of course the engine is missing now.  Missing as in the timing is off…not missing as in not there ;)

I’m very very anxious about Wednesday.  Our anniversary is Sunday, so we’re treating this as a little anniversary get-away, in hopes of enjoying ourselves and not stressing too much.  But the truth is, either we’re going to be really happy Wednesday evening, or its going to be one horrible ride home Thursday.  I’m so terrified.  This is what I’ve fought for…what I’ve researched and agonized over and fought with the doctors here and Justin on, and its all going to be…well, not over, but more definite Wednesday.

Just please keep us in prayer.  I’m trying to remember to pray “Thy will, not my will,” but its so hard to remember.  Its so hard not to say “But God, if you could JUST….” and insert my wishes and desires.  He knows my wishes and desires…and like Bekah said, He answers every prayer…its just sometimes the answer is “no.”

Still, his timing has been impeccable…everything we’ve needed has fallen right into place so far, even some things we haven’t needed but thought were luxuries (my chiropractic and physical therapy for instance).  So we’re just holding out faith that things will be as they should and trying to prepare ourselves to accept whatever happens.  For the truth of the matter is, even if she’s a candidate for whatever treatment options are available, that’s the easy part.  The hard part is going to be the long days and nights in NICU and PICU and the worrying and praying that will be going on.  We need strength for all of it.

So, I did have something to write about 🙂  Supposedly we’ll have internet access in the hotel (RMH definitely has it, but we don’t know if we’ll be staying there or not).  We’ll have Justin’s wireless card he uses for work, but when we’re not on the road and seeing doctors, he’ll be using it to actually work from Nashville.  His bosses are being SO excellent with this…they’re letting him do all his work from the road and not claim any sick or vacation time this week.  See what I mean about God having perfect timing and taking care of what we need?  Anyway, I’ll try posting from the road, but I’m not sure what the signal will be like…so if you guys don’t “hear” from me until Friday, please don’t worry.  I have my normal cartoon scheduled to post Friday, but I’ll do my best to get online and post an update either Thursday evening or Friday “day” sometime, depending on how exhausted I am from the drive home Thursday.

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Yep, another petition.  Boy, I’m really getting into this, aren’t I?  However, this really strikes home for me.  Recently, I found a support group for Mothers of Omphaloceles, or MOOs.  Its been a TREMENDOUS support for me, and I’ve gotten a lot of good information.

This morning, one of the mom’s sent out an email that I feel deserves some attention.  A petition is linked, to sign to help prevent something.  Basically, a group is demanding the sole right to use a medical term, and no one else can use that medical term without paying the group royalties.  Um, excuse me?  I don’t think so!

Anyway, my baby most likely has Pentalogy of Cantrell, so may end up with this other condition as well.  Please take a moment to read the email and sign the petition.  I’m quoting it here:

This morning I received an e-mail regarding a petition that is being set up by the founder of CHERUBS, The Association of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Research, Awareness, and Support.  There is an organization that has filed a trademark application to own the phrase “Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness”.  This means that no other organization, including CHERUBS, no medical center, no CDH family would have the right to use this phrase to help raise awareness about CDH.
When my O baby Aidan was 5 months old, the doctors discovered that he had a CDH, which is what led to the diagnosis of Pentalogy of Cantrell.  It is estimated that 1 out of every 2500 babies has CDH, and 1600 babies are born with CDH every year just in the USA.  Currently there is a 50% chance of survival; in the past the survival rate was just 10%.  Advances in medical technology have certainly improved the survival rate, but there is still more work to be done to give these babies a better chance at survival, and to lessen any long standing medical complications due to CDH.
If this organization is given the rights to use the phrase “Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness”, it would hinder the ability for others to help spread awareness of this condition.    Not to mention that this organization would profit from anyone who did use this phrase.  Also, it has the potential to set precedent for other organizations as well…can you imagine if suddenly we were not allowed to use the phrase “Omphalocele Awareness” without penalty?
Below is the link to the petition, for those who are willing to help and try to prevent this from happening.
Many Thanks!!
~Sarah (mommy to Aidan, 16 months old, Pentalogy of Cantrell)

Please help spread the word and prevent this from happening!  Many thanks!

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