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So I stood in line Friday night and bought the last book, and I finished it somewhere between 9-11 hours of reading (I’m thinking it was around 9, but I say 10-11 to be on the safe side). It was no LONGER than 11, but I was stopped a LOT during that time to do stuff with the kids, work, etc LOL

Overall, I was pretty disappointed…but I think a lot of that was my own fault for letting myself get really hyped about it.

Some things I liked:
-Dobby’s death was sad for me, but the way Harry handled it made me tear up…
-Neville…I love this kid, and I’m REALLY glad he lived!
-Harry’s reaction when Ron and Hermione finally kissed…priceless
-Snape living up to my expectations (and desires) for his character’s direction
-Percy reuniting with his family, and the way Fred laid it all out for him when he came back…I was laughing SO hard at that
-Mrs. Weasley calling Belatrix a bitch and kicking her ass

Some things I’m still pissed off about:
-Hedwig’s death
-Fred’s death (I’m still highly peeved about that one)
-the epilogue (but then a friend pointed out that she writes for kids too, so I can now see the “need” for it…but it still irks me lol)
-the way the book seemed to have difficulty “flowing” as well as the previous six did
-the way Harry seems to be a bigger screw up than in any of the previous six books combined. Come on, we get that he’s only human, but PLEASE…the book acts as if he’s never learned anything at all!

I had a big summary of my thoughts written out, but I can’t find it now…sooo all in all, I think this book pretty much falls in line with every other book written to end a series…a lot of tying up loose ends, and maybe trying to please fans a little too much. I didn’t like one of the major contradictions in my mind…Snape is redeemed, BUT it never explains why in the sixth book he tried to kill Harry with the Avada Kadavra curse after he’d killed Dumbledore. Now, perhaps he intentionally missed, given what was revealed in the last book, BUT she should have addressed that when she explained all of his other actions. One, two sentences at the most is all it would have taken. Something really small, but it really irritated me.

I don’t think its possible to make all of her fans happy obviously, I just wish I was one of the ones who read the book and LOVED it. Oh well. It was worth the $18 at any rate. Jared’s reading it now, and I can’t wait for his thoughts on the whole thing. More to come 🙂


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