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Jared put his school uniforms in to wash last night, and I reminded him as I went to bed not to forget to put them in the dryer before he went to bed.  He did.

This morning he put a pair of shorts and a uniform shirt in the dryer at 5:45 and at 6:25 only the shirt was completely dry.  He woke me up (the bus was due at 6:30) expecting me to either let him stay home or drive him to school at 7:30 (um…NO).  He had a little smirk like ‘yeah, I don’t have to ride the bus!’  I get up and check the shorts, and the pockets and waistband are pretty soaked, but the rest is dry.  He insists he can’t wear them this way.

I gave him “the look” and go into my bathroom, grab my hair dryer, stick it into the pockets, and in less than 3 minutes I had the shorts completely dry.  Did my son say “Great!  Fantastic!  Cool!  I didn’t know that would work!  Awesome!  Thanks!” or any similar platitudes?  Nope.  He had a disgusted, ticked off look as he left to get dressed and barely made it out to the bus in time.

I guess Mom failed to impress.


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but I’m glad I did.

I forgot my meds this morning…my 200mg of zonegran that is.  Around 11:45, as my mother-in-law dropped me off (and we discovered I couldn’t get into my house…that’s another story), I realized I hadn’t taken it.  I also realized I hadn’t gotten sleepy or weak or woozy and I felt…good!  Not quite normal, but good!

So we got home, and my doorknob, which had been on the fritz since just before Katrina, finally froze up.  I got it almost unlocked, and it wouldn’t budge anymore.  I backed off, and kicked the doorknob (I’d gotten frustrated) and managed to loosen it enough that I got it completely unlocked, and got it to turn, but it then froze completely.  MIL and I tried and couldn’t get it to open, so she went to get father-in-law and I waited, while talking to Justin on the phone.  He suggested I go down to their house until he got home at 5:30, and I said no, I’d be more comfortable here, and I needed to take my meds.  We had changed out the locks once before, so the front door has a different key from the back door, and I didn’t think I had a lock for the back door, not to mention, the only lock that was locked on the back was the deadbolt, and it was all rusty.

Well, FIL showed up, and couldn’t get the front door open either, but he had keys to the back door.  He couldn’t get the lock to turn, and couldn’t find any oil around, but I found some old used cooking oil (we use it to start fires…we burn our trash out here in the country).  He said if there was salt in it, it’d mess up the lock…I said we were replacing all the locks this evening anyway.  He dipped the key in the oil, and voila!  The door opened, I praised my FIL, and we came inside.  We still couldn’t get the front door open.  FIL got the knob off, but it was still jammed, so he went home.

I sat here and stewed over it, got mad, got up, got a flathead screwdriver, jammed it between the plate and the thing that sticks through the door (I’m real technical) and almost got the door open but couldn’t get leverage…so I rigged the screwdriver so it wouldn’t fall, went out the back door and around to the front and shouldered the door open and was so proud of myself I was walking on air.  I’m so handy 🙂  I took the screws out of the plate and got the thingy (see, technical!) out of the hole in the door and stuffed a rag in to keep the bugs out, locked the deadbolt, and went to lie down because I knew we’d be shopping this evening and I wanted to conserve my energy.

And I forgot all about my meds.  Again.

So here I sit at 8:24 p.m. and I haven’t had a single dose of my seizure meds today.  I think I’ve had a little episode, but it was nothing major.  However, I’ve had a fabulous day as far as my energy level went…I’m about to go take my night-time dose and go to bed…

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His Last Request

This was Uncle Kernis’ last request…he really wanted his message to get out. He died on April 18, 2008 at the age of 60. He was larger than life all my life, and to see him knocked down by smoking and asbestosis was just hard to bear. He lived life to its fullest, and would literally take food out of his own mouth to feed anyone who needed it. Some of my cousins put their cigarettes in his caskets as promises to him (I know who you are and I AM going to hound you!!!)

We love and miss you Uncle Kernis.


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Lord, Give Us Strength

As we buried our uncle today, it was a difficult day for us all. And yet, it was a beautiful day as well. The sun was shining, and it was a hot 84 degrees. A couple of Uncle Kernis’ poems were read (I’ll post them later in the week) and some moving words were said. I didn’t cry at Mamaw’s funeral…I didn’t cry at my stepdads’ funerals…but I broke down at Uncle Kernis’ casket this morning. I don’t know what came over me. Well, I do, too. You see, my uncle wasn’t a big man. In stature, that is. He was trim and not what you’d call tall, but to us kids, he was larger than life. Looking at him lying in that casket, it came over me how small he looked…smaller than he ever looked in life, and I just lost it like I’ve never lost it at a funeral before, and I stood there crying my eyes out. My aunt came up and held me, and that helped me a lot. I was trying to be so strong because I didn’t want to strain anyone…my cousins and aunt were trying to comfort everyone and you could see how much they themselves are hurting.

We got to the cemetery and I noticed two bucket trucks with the buckets raised to form an arch, and I thought “What in the world are they doing?” As we got closer I saw the Mississippi Power workers lined up with their hard hats under their arms standing at attention, and it hit me. He worked for them for…33 years or something like that I believe, and I thought “How cool!” Until I passed under the arch, and I started bawling again. Two of my cousins were behind our van on their Harleys, and as I got out to talk to them, I realized they were crying too. There wasn’t a dry eye in the procession as it turned out. It was very cool, and very powerful and touching at the same time.

Anyway, it was a nice funeral (if there can be such a thing) and we’re home now. I came home and slept four hours as I suspected I would, because I’m exhausted, and I have a migraine so I’m going back to bed now. Thanks everyone for your prayers and thoughts. I’ll have a post tomorrow with my uncle’s last request…its a graphic picture and its already been around the world, but its his wish to get the message out.

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He Walks With God

This morning my uncle passed away.  He’d given up hope the last few days.  I saw him last week, but hadn’t been able to get back up there since…I’d taken Jared up (the doctor assured us that even though he was sick, he wasn’t contagious) and he seemed happy to see Jared.  In a way, its a relief that he doesn’t have to rely on the machine anymore.  But…we’re all going to miss his sense of humor, his smiles…

I imagine him up in Heaven, picking at Mamaw, hugging his dad again, having his young, strong body back, and that sparkle back in those gorgeous blue eyes we all inherited from Mamaw.  Maybe he’ll even get to meet our favorite Walt Disney ;)

The strangest thing happened in the wee hours of the night (a few hours before Uncle Kernis passed away).  Bekah woke up and wanted milk.  As I was tucking her back into bed, we had this conversation:

B: Where’s Granpa?
M: In Heaven
B:  Where’s your grandmother?
M: Mamaw Toy?
B: Yeah
M: In Heaven too
B: Where’s your uncle?
M: um…Uncle Kernis? In the hospital
B: (patting my arm gently and hugging me) No, Mama…he’s in Heaven too
M: No, baby, he’s in the hospital
B: No, Mama, he’s in Heaven

And she snuggled down and went back to sleep.  I didn’t think too much about it.  After all, Uncle Kernis had a strong heart and was on a respirator.  As long as the machine was working, he was ok.  He’d been getting worse the past week though…they said it was as if he’d started just giving up.  All along he’s been fighting, but once he started giving up, he went down fast.  Somehow, Bekah knew before we did.

He’ll be missed.

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Jared is worse…Bekah is now coughing…I’m still feeling weak (weaker today if truth be known), and Katie is coughing now.  Jared’s staying home today, Bekah’s had Benedryl, and I’m back in bed.  Please, Lord, let this all pass soon.  Hopefully Jared will start improving tomorrow.  If not, he may have to go back to the doctor tomorrow.  He’s built like I was at his age…thin as a board, and when he coughs his poor little body just shakes so badly.  It hurts me to watch him.  I’d have had him in bed with me if he weren’t too old, he was that sick last night.  We compromised and I allowed him to sleep on the couch instead, and I was up all night checking him.  Up until this week he’d only missed 2 days all year.  That’s out the window.  His temp is hovering around 101 (high for him and me, we tend to run low body temps, around 95-96, so even a temp of 100 means we’re pretty sick).

So if you could, keep the kids in your prayers, that Bekah and Katie don’t get worse, and that Jared improves and they all get better soon.  I don’t think any parent can stand to see their kids feeling miserable

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Apparently, when I changed themes a few days ago, no one could comment but Christine.  Then Carrie could comment…and now I’m not even sure she can lol.  So I’m about to toss the whole thing into the bucket.  My head hurts, I overdid everything yesterday, and I don’t feel good.

You see, I woke up yesterday, and I felt better than I had in MONTHS.  I felt NORMAL.  So, I screwed up.  I overdid it.  First, I was stupid.  I drove.  Yep.  It felt danged good too.  I drove to Jared’s school and picked him up because they called and he had a fever too high for him to stay (turns out his allergies were kicking in…he’s had a bad cough for days that we’ve been treating).  I took him to Sonic for breakfast, then *cough blush* drove him to Mom’s (about 35 minutes away) and she drove us on up to Hattiesburg for doctor’s appointments.  He got an antibiotic to help get this out of his chest, and Mom got scheduled for surgery (next week).  I felt great, and was literally bouncing around from one thing to the next, and then suddenly…crash…hard.  Mom and Jared spent the rest of the afternoon worried sick about me.  I even had to leave my van at Mom’s and let her drive me home (she was coming to spend the week with us anyway).  Yeah, way to ruin the best day I’ve had in months…way to go Kandy.  Jared did do most of the driving on the backroads…I let him drive every time we got on a backroad…we’re letting him practice every chance we get…he’s getting more confident and doing better and better.

ANYWAY.  I tried to make some changes to the blog, so try to leave a comment, and if you can’t please email me to let me know (those of you who’ve been trying, you know how).  Then of course there’s always the redneck chat 😉  You have to register to use it (that’s to keep the freaks out) but that’s a good way to let me know you can’t leave a comment too.

Thanks guys.

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