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Happy Independence Day America! I love my country…if the National Anthem is playing, I’m standing, saluting, and singing along (even if it is just to myself). I’ve always been extremely patriotic, and I’m one of those saps that gets all teary-eyed when I see the wind catch the Flag and flutter it out, especially if the National Anthem happens to be playing at the time.

We’re a nation that has many liberties and many blessings…I pray for many more for many years to come.


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yeah yeah I’m corny. Seriously though, the pool rocks 🙂 ALL day I’ve wanted to go out and jump in, but Justin did all the work, and I didn’t want to get in without him first. He walked through the door at 4:45 and said “What, you’re not in the pool?” So we changed and out we went.

Its really nice, a lot bigger than we thought it’d be, and came with an included volleyball game. The net mounts on poles on each side, and the kids are going to LOVE it. They have NO IDEA that we got a pool, much less got it put up. Justin built a 19′ square frame and filled it with sand, making sure it was levelled, and the whole set-up is just really nice.

And yes, we ended up skinny dipping in broad daylight. I was stunned that Justin was so risque, but hey, I rolled with it 😉

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