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Wow how time flies when you’re having fun…and when you’re not having fun…

The job is going well. It was really hard at first, getting my body used to working again, but I’m into the swing of things now and for the most part I enjoy my job. The people are nice and I’ve done very well fitting in and exceeding expectations 🙂

Dick, my stepdad, died suddenly last week…Wednesday, December 6th. None of us were expecting it, and Mom is still somewhat in a state of shock I think. She’s holding up well but worried and anxious about the future. I think she’s going to pull through just fine…she’s the Minister of Music at the church that she and Dick were helping to found, and that has really served to help her keep busy.

I miss Dick. When I was so sick in March and April, all I had to do was ask Mom to call Dick and tell him I wanted him there for my next surgery, and he’d be down within a couple hours, spending the night on that uncomfortable little couch in my hospital room. He was a truly righteous man, and I know he’s in Heaven now…but we miss him so much 😦 His funeral was beautiful…full military honors.

I’m getting over the flu…apparently I got it from someone at the funeral. I’m proud though, I didn’t miss a single day of work, even though I haven’t been able to speak above a whisper since Thursday night lol. I took Bekah to the doctor Monday, and she confirmed that we both had the flu. Thank God for Tamiflu.

That’s basically all I’ve been doing…I go to work, come home, sleep, go to work, come home, sleep…you get the picture. I was able to buy Christmas for Justin and the kids and I’m so happy about that. Justin is stressing because he has 3 presents under the tree from me and doesn’t have a clue what to get me, nor does he think he’ll have the money. I’ve hinted around at what I’d like…one of the massage cushions like his Mom has…a new Betty Crocker cookbook (mine is 7-9 years old and I need a new one)…Bath and Body Works gift set (Moonlight Path, my favorite scent). I’m not hard to please…there’s nothing I really need, and nothing I really WANT all that badly. I just want my family to enjoy their Christmas…

So anyway…I’ll try to keep up with this better now that I’m doing well at work and feel like I can have a life again 🙂


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