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So here’s the deal…something I didn’t think was a necessity at all…over Spring Break, the kids went to stay with Mom…during this time, their beloved trampoline, which had a huge hole in it for ages that was steadily but surely getting bigger (a small pet would easily go through it without ever touching the sides), finally gave up the ghost.  Justin took it apart and hauled it down to “the wash”.  “The wash” is a deep ravine in the pasture that we fill with whatever junk we have to keep it from “washing” even worse than it already is.  Call it redneck erosion prevention 😉

We knew the kids would be devastated when they got home, especially the girls, who LIVED to jump on that trampoline.  Several months ago, I’d asked BIL (brother in law) Tom if we could have his old wooden swingset since his kids were teens and never used it anymore, and he said sure.  However, he was separated from Justin’s sister, and the swingset was still at her house.  After the trampoline was disposed of, he asked his sister and she said come get the swingset.  So when the kids got home, they finally noticed the trampoline was missing, but were having a ton of fun with the swingset.  And, we took part of the trampoline mat and stapled it to the underside of the slide to make a playhouse underneath, so in a way they still got to keep their beloved “friend.”

Yesterday, out of the blue, Tom said to go to his old trailer (he’d just moved) and pick up HIS trampoline, that we could have it.  So Justin’s gone now to get it…the kids have no idea.  I joked that Bekah will go into sensory overload with a swingset AND a trampoline.  In a way, its sad that my kids get so overjoyed at getting used things (but new to them), but I’m also so proud of them that they’re not ashamed to accept seconds and even thirds, fourths, fifths, when it comes to toys and clothing.  Sure, they love new things, who doesn’t?  But the way they reacted to that swingset was as if it were shining, brand new out of the package rather than the weaterbeaten, 10+ year old swingset that it is.

I figured we could get a new trampoline “one day”…maybe a couple months down the road after my check starts…after all, its not a necessity, right?  Then the swingset falls into our laps, and a week later, another trampoline followed suit.  I choose to think God heard the prayers of a little girl and chose to answer them now, rather than later


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would you got to Heaven or to Hell?

I’m reading “Left Behind” for the first time. I’m only 12 years behind the times there. Still, I’m about halfway through it and its very difficult to put it down. It reads a lot like John Grisham.

It scares the crap out of me.

God blessed me last year. He saved my life and gave me…not a second chance…but my umpteenth chance. I really started trying to turn my life around. I love God, I’ve accepted Jesus as my personal savior…I believe he was born of a virgin, walked in sinless perfection for 33 years on this earth, was persecuted and executed, and laid to rest in a tomb, only to rise from the dead in 3 days. I know that he died for our sins, and I’ve accepted this.

If the Rapture happened tomorrow…would I be taken? Or would I be left behind? I don’t want to be left behind…but I’m not secure in my faith.

Please pray for me.

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